We conduct our business activities responsibly and in compliance with the legislation and regulations of the countries where our business is present.
Our company does not tolerate unlawful and unethical conduct. Our company policies require ethical and law-abiding behaviour from every member of the management and staff. Our work, as well as the relationships among the staff and with our clients and partners are based on these policies.
Our Compliance Program provides clear instructions for every member of staff in relation to compliance with all relevant legislation.
We strive to continue to meet the strict compliance requirements of our former parent company and current business partner, the Siemens company, in the future.



Sysdata PSE Ltd. has an integrated operating management system that meets the quality-, environmental- and information security standard requirements.

Our company’s quality-, environmental- and information security policies have been defined and delineated in our management system’s application areas to achieve these goals.


Requested auditing firms regularly check Sysdata PSE’s integrated management system in form of triennial certification audits as well as intermediary surveillance audits.

The official certificates issued by the auditing firms can be accessed via the following links:

Corporate Social Responsibility

An aim of our company is to build Corporate Social Responsibility into our daily operations.

Through sponsoring and donations we aim to improve the conditions of the underprivileged by way of supporting the outstanding work of organisations serving these target groups in society.

Primarily we support organisations in the areas of healthcare, education, environmental protection and social welfare.

Recent times we have offered support to the following organizations:

Symbo – hogy önállóbb legyek Alapítvány

Cházár András Alapítvány

Igazgyöngy Alapítvány

Együtt az Autistákért Alapítvány

WWF Magyarország Alapítvány

Ökumenikus Segélyszervezet

Bede Anna Élő Hit a Fiatalok Támogatására Alapítvány

Mozgásjavító Óvoda, Általános Iskola, Gimnázium, Kollégium, Egységes Gyógypedagógiai Módszertani Intézmény

Jobb Kor Polgári Egyesület

CosHelp Egyesület

Nem Adom Fel Alapítvány Léleköntő Program


Our company and staff are members of various accredited professional and business organisations: