Almost every product and service, software solution, electrical subassembly, concept and development under the Siemens brand is based on the skills of the staff of Sysdata PSE Kft., as we were the subsidiary of Siemens AG Österreich between 1993 and 2015 and since then we have been the subsidiary of Siemens Convergence Creators.

We provide solutions for many economic sectors:

  • Telecommunications and media
  • Embedded systems in an industrial environment
  • Solutions developed for the government and the public sector
  • Transportation
  • Space research


The significance of telecommunications is constantly increasing, both socially and economically. The main activities of Sysdata PSE Kft. in the field of telecommunication are:

  • development of telecommunication software and systems
  • on-site operations support
  • service management
  • consultancy and expert services
  • system integration
  • application integration
  • project-specific development of “mediation” devices

In addition to the assignments from our former parent company, our direct presence in the mobile and landline telecommunications market in Hungary is also significant. In addition to the assignments from our former parent company, our direct presence in the mobile and landline telecommunications market in Hungary is also significant.

Our software solutions guarantee the reliable operation of the fixed, mobile and convergent systems of several telecommunications service providers globally. Our development activities range from software for the core functions of infrastructure to network management systems to multimedia solutions such as digital television transmission and related services.

The systems supporting the processes of the basic activities of telecommunications service providers and the business processes built on them (OSS/BSSS systems) are managed in an integrated manner.

The results and expertise of Sysdata PSE Kft. are present in many products and successful projects globally. These include

  • development of switching centres of wireline systems and network devices
  • installation of the base stations of mobile service providers and mobile networks
  • installation of data warehouses
  • installation of the technology of in-flight mobile calls
  • bandwidth multiplication of optical networks.


We participate in the development of several embedded systems for the automotive industry. Our developments are used from the interior controls of premium quality vehicles to on-board computers to safety control modules.

  • Applications of on-board computers
    COMAND, developed for premium vehicle manufacturers, and telecommunication (GSM), navigation and entertainment (radio, media player) applications for the iDrive software solutions.
  • Software for safety critical equipment
    These pieces of equipment (e.g. airbag control, lane departure sensor) usually include 1-2 microcontrollers, resources are limited and deadlines are strict (hard real-time systems). With this kind of equipment we participate in the programming of I/O drivers (AD converters, serial line communication) and of the infrastructure (tracer, fault handler function).


Our solutions for the support of effective work at government, local government and other public sector institutions include

  • Smart Card technologies
  • voice and data communication systems
  • digitalization of processes of public administration

and related software technology solutions.

The most important activities of Sysdata PSE Kft. in Hungary include the implementation of the following unique and customized solutions:

  • electronic record management and document management
  • e-government
  • geographical information systems
  • e-card (chipcard systems)

The expertise of our colleagues is internationally recognized and we have excellent references in these areas.


Our software products are used for example in

  • train traffic control systems and passenger information systems
  • itinerary planner and package delivery logistics systems
  • airport lighting control systems
  • management of postal service processes
  • biometric entry and identification systems
  • satellite tracking systems of vessels
  • ETCS – European Train Control System (currently being introduced)

Thorough testing of equipment and software is a must in areas where safety is very important. Our applications include the testing software of the railway safety equipment of the underground constructed for the Beijing Olympics.


We work for the ESA (European Space Agency) in special software development areas, and we also take part of the development process of the European navigation satellite system, GALILEO.
Our “Special Checkout Equipment” contributed to the successful launch of the Meteosat-9 meteorological satellite. Our software products for the automation of the expensive construction, configuration and activation of satellite antennae are patented.