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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small packet of data that internet services store in your browser. Their purpose is to increase the functionality and efficiency of online services and to provide a modern user experience.

The Sysdata PSE Ltd website ( also uses cookies. Below we describe the characteristics and purposes of the different cookies.

  • Session cookie: designed to support certain functions of the site related to the user session.
  • Google Analytics cookie: provides anonymous, aggregated information about your activity on the site.
  • Facebook cookie: used for Facebook operations and features.
  • Google Adwords cookie: a cookie used to measure the success of our campaign. We do not store any personally identifiable information with this cookie.
  • Bing cookie: Similar to Google Adwords cookies, used to measure the success of your campaign. Of course, these cookies do not allow for identification either.

The use of cookies is not mandatory, but is essential for the stable operation of the site and to improve the user experience. You are free to delete or disable cookies, but in this case some elements of the site may not function properly.

The website also contains remarketing codes that allow us to track visits to our specific pages so that we can provide targeted marketing messages to those visitors in the future. Of course, visitors can also control remarketing cookies.

Delete cookies

If you would like to delete cookies, or teach your browser to delete cookies, or if you do not accept/reject cookies, please visit the pages recommended by your browser.

If you delete or refuse cookies, some elements of the site may not be usable or may not display properly.

Want more information about cookies?

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These cookies are only stored on your browser with your consent. You also have the option to refuse these cookies, however disabling some cookies may affect your browsing experience.