The situation is assessed with a methodology developed and optimized for the business processes of the clients. We assess whether their ideas are feasible. We plan the required resources. We determine how the new programs can be integrated with the existing systems of the client. Taking the client’s ideas into consideration, we define the specific goals together and implement the whole project.

In connection with the security technology issues of the IT environment which is of strategic importance commercially and requires a high degree of reliability, our expert team provides screening and consultation, and we can eliminate security gaps that have been revealed, and we can implement specific solutions and provide ongoing maintenance.

Consultancy activities in the field of professional software development include

  • process analysis and consultation,
  • drawing up feasibility studies,
  • requirements specification,
  • project planning,
  • risk analysis and assessment and
  • comprehensive documentation.


  • The colleagues at Sysdata PSE Kft. have experience in several development environments, programming languages and database technologies, both in older and current technologies and even future trends.
  • Our staff has development experience in sector-specific, special and independent systems, both in software development and in creating and implementing customer specific software solutions.
  • Maintainability is a priority with our systems, as well as consistent documentation and maximum security.
  • “Mediation device” development is a major part of our development portfolio, which establishes full-duplex connection between different applications and business and operations support systems, through flexible and customized solutions.
  • Our software products and systems are made to order, based on custom quotes.
    The following software components can be purchased from our company even with customisation.

Essential software components and integrable software modules of client-server based enterprise management system

Windows fat client base modules

  • Fat client (modular generic skeleton, user interface (UI) elements, skinning, customization)
  • Communication modules
  • Database access (engine, visualisation, design)
  • Statistics handling
  • Logging support (logwatch, secure logging, visualisation, analysis)
  • Workflow integration and support (engine, visualisation, design)
  • Security components (Authentication, PKI, RBAC Role Based Access Control, Authorization, Encryption)

Server side software modules

  • Generic application skeleton
  • Communication modules
  • Database access modules (engine, visualisation, design, analisys)
  • Statistics modules
  • Logging support (logwatch, secure logging, visualisation, analysis)
  • Workflow integration and support (engine, visualisation, design)
  • Security components (Authentication, PKI, RBAC Role Based Access Control, Privilege Management, Authorization, Encryption, Digital signature)
  • Document and template handling, generation
  • High performance application logging
  • High capacity secure document storage

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Nowadays companies in need of an IT solution do not typically buy a newly developed software environment. This solution would be too costly, time-consuming and risky.

Clients want well-established solutions that are built on standards, and they want them quickly and at an affordable price. Sysdata PSE Kft. provides its clients with products and solutions that are based on the products of well-known and reputable companies, and, if required,

  • customizes and
  • integrates these.

Our comprehensive activities include:

  • application integration in view of business processes,
  • integration of IT system components and
  • network integration.


When a new software solution is implemented, the client’s employees have to get familiar with it so that they can use it effectively and without problems. We provide help to our clients in this field as well. We introduce the product and we are at their service after the implementation – according to the specific requests of the staff members who use the product in different ways.

The instruction and training opportunities we offer include introductory trainings for users, and trainings for the members of the management and colleagues who participate in the support of the process in different ways.


We provide support to our clients even after the implementation of the software solutions, as in our fast-changing world every company has to meet new requirements every day. Our colleagues constantly monitor the use of our software products, create new versions and develop the solutions further if necessary. It is natural for us that we guarantee the correction of errors for several years, and anytime and anywhere clients may need us, we are there.

In addition, in case of IT systems, we also provide both in 5×8 and 7×24 operation,

  • Operations support and
  • “Level 1”, “Level 2” and “Level 3” systems support.We have experience and references both in customer-oriented and product-oriented support.

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